Industry Use Cases

the ultimate choice for many industries
Mapping the reality
Museums at your fingertips
3D maps to help you organize events
Spatial Computing Artwork
Story behind ultra-realistic 3D food assets
Art of VFX and Photogrammetry
Award-winning Virtual Reality experience
Enter the painting - VR experience
Creating 3D digital doubles with RealityCapture
Zamani: Preserving Sri Lanka's heritage
Creating virtual guide with RealityCapture
How architects can employ photogrammetry?
Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet in VR
Germanys last coal mine in VR
KOBOLD - Immersive VR Horror Experience
3D printed figurines
Full-body scanners in health care
Figure Anatomy - app for artists
Garden Party - Oscar-nominated Movie
Project JUA
RiVR - VR Trainings for the Emergency Services
TOM - 3D Visual Experience
Anthropocene - Immersive Piece of Art
Harold Halibut - Hand-made Adventure Game
KabaQ – the Future of Food Ordering
RealityCapture in Farbic Engine
Industrial Inspection
RealityCapture: an essential tool in our mission
Creating facsimile of the tomb of Seti I
Old Customs House in Moji in VR
How to become a character in a video game
UAS photogrammetry survey
Solograms in the Ghost in the Shell
3D reconstruction of ancient temples in Bagan