Industry Use Cases

the ultimate choice for many industries
3D printing of digital twin of Porta Nigra
Bringing the Ethiopian UNESCO site into 3D
National Geographic Series Lost Cities and Cutting Edge Technologies
Temple of Bel in Palmyra as VR
Re-designing interior without the need of visiting a location
Surveying with RealityCapture
BlueplanetVR: discovering unique world locations
Creating 3D visualization of Little Matterhorn
Creating a virtual atlas of neuroanatomy
Scanning The Horizon: Preserving the maritime heritage of Scotland
NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 3D scanned using RealityCapture
Our Shurijo project
GRADD - Documenting crash scenes in 30 minutes
RealityCapture in security services
World heritage sites now accessible to everyone
RealityCapture in hands of sculptor
3D artist and photogrammetry
Mapping the reality
Museums at your fingertips
3D maps to help you organize events
Spatial Computing Artwork
Story behind ultra-realistic 3D food assets
Art of VFX and Photogrammetry
Award-winning Virtual Reality experience
Enter the painting - VR experience
Creating 3D digital doubles with RealityCapture
Zamani: Preserving Sri Lanka's heritage
Creating virtual guide with RealityCapture
How architects can employ photogrammetry?
Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet in VR
Germanys last coal mine in VR
KOBOLD - Immersive VR Horror Experience
3D printed figurines
Full-body scanners in health care
Figure Anatomy - app for artists
Garden Party - Oscar-nominated Movie
Project JUA
RiVR - VR Trainings for the Emergency Services
TOM - 3D Visual Experience
Anthropocene - Immersive Piece of Art
Harold Halibut - Hand-made Adventure Game
KabaQ – the Future of Food Ordering
RealityCapture in Farbic Engine
Industrial Inspection
RealityCapture: an essential tool in our mission
Creating facsimile of the tomb of Seti I
Old Customs House in Moji in VR
How to become a character in a video game
UAS photogrammetry survey
Solograms in the Ghost in the Shell
3D reconstruction of ancient temples in Bagan