Sample Datasets Page

Sample Datasets

The following datasets include PPI input licenses. This means that you can freely download and process them using RealityCapture PPI (download now). The attached PPI input licenses will enable you to export created results and open them in 3rd party programs, as well.

Small Plastic

A set of 14 images of a copper plastic captured using a hand-held 6 Megapixel camera.

Download [27MB]

Drone Imagery

Aerial imagery captured using a drone. Over 483 images from the air.

Download [652MB]

Laser Scans and Photos

An example dataset demonstrating the power of laser scans combined with photogrammetry. A terrestrial laser scanner is used to capture ground level from four positions and a drone is used to capture top-level structures in 83 images. The first dataset is ready-to-process with converted PTX point clouds. The application will register laser scans and photos and create high-resolution mesh. The second dataset contains four original PTX files and you can use it to practise laser-scan data conversion to RealityCapture laser point cloud.

Download [1.7GB]
Download including raw scans [2.5GB]

Full-Body Scan

A set of 116 photos captured inside a full-body scanner. This dataset contains images with a projected pattern.
Capturing Reality s.r.o. would like to thank company PI3DSCAN for the possibility to use this dataset.

Download [374MB]