Sample Datasets Page

Sample Datasets

The following datasets include PPI input licenses. This means that you can freely download and process them using RealityCapture PPI (download now). The attached PPI input licenses will enable you to export created results and open them in 3rd party programs, as well.

Free datasets

Choose from variety of free licensed datasets which you can download and practice your skills with RealityCapture. We would like to thank companies CyArk, Overhead and NRHK for the possibility to use their datasets.


Support Tips

Would you like to improve your workflow? Ready useful tips & tricks from our Support team


CLI Sample Scripts

Have a look and download some sample scripts that might help you to set up scripts for your own workflows.


Small Plastic

A set of 14 images of a copper plastic captured using a hand-held 6 Megapixel camera.

Download [27MB]

Drone Imagery + Ground control points

Aerial imagery captured using a drone. Over 483 images from the air.

Horizontal coordinates in coordinate system ETRS89 - epsg:4258, heights in Baltic vertical system after adjustment – EPSG:8357. Coordinates are in format latitude, longitude, altitude. CP measurements are in format Image, Point, X, Y

CLI scripts for automatic processing of the data, creating and exporting orthographic projection from a georeferenced scene.

Download [637MB] – Images, GCP and CLI scripts for creating ortho projection

Laser Scans and Photos

An example dataset demonstrating the power of laser scans combined with photogrammetry. A terrestrial laser scanner is used to capture ground level from four positions and a drone is used to capture top-level structures in 83 images. The first dataset is ready-to-process with converted PTX point clouds. The application will register laser scans and photos and create high-resolution mesh. The second dataset contains four original PTX files and you can use it to practise laser-scan data conversion to RealityCapture laser point cloud.

Download [1.7GB]
Download including raw scans [2.5GB]

Open Heritage datasets

In order to support Heritage on the Edge project, We have decided to license three data sets with PPI credits. This means that anyone who wishes to work with RealityCapture can download the software for free and use the licensed data set. These datasets contain various inputs such as laser scans, drone and ground images.

Note: Please check the size of the data set before you download it as the data sets are quite large (eg. from 20-400GB).

Interior & Exterior Dataset

The data in this project were acquired with a drone and DSLR camera.

This dataset was used in tutorial on How to merge interior and exterior of buildings. Watch it here. Download [17.9GB]