CLI Sample Scripts

Many features of RealityCapture can be used directly via the command line or by running a script. They are passed to the application as parameters of RealityCapture.exe and executed in a sequence.
Below you can find some sample scripts they might help you to set up scripts for your own workflows.
For the full manual regarding command-line interface, please check in-app help, section Command-line Interface.
You can find many sample datasets on which you can test these scripts here

Calculate 3D textured model

Download [26 MB]

This script consists of following processing steps:

  • load images
  • align
  • set reconstruction region automatically
  • calculate normal detail model
  • select marginal triangles
  • remove marginal triangles
  • rename selected model
  • calculate texture (and unwrap)
  • save project
  • export model
  • quit

Processing of datasets from fixed camera rig (full-body scan) using texture layers

Download [97 KB] - only CLI scripts

Download [2.7 GB] - 4 sample datasets including CLI scripts

These scripts consist of following processing steps:

  • load images from calibration dataset
  • automatic detection of coded targets
  • import ground control points to preserve the coordinate system among all scans
  • alignment
  • export XMP files (to re-use them across scans)
  • save the project
  • loading geometry and texture layers for all other datasets (processed one by one)
  • enabling camera prior information from XMP files
  • setting the layer which is going to be used for texturing
  • alignment
  • loading the reconstruction region
  • reconstruction in normal detail
  • simplification to 1M triangles
  • texturing the simplified model using the texturing layer
  • exporting textured model
  • saving the project

Texture reprojection from high poly to low poly model including creating of normal and displacement maps

Download [27 MB]

This script consists of following processing steps:

  • load images
  • align
  • select a component with the most amount of cameras in it
  • automatically create a reconstruction region
  • reconstruction in normal detail
  • rename created model
  • texture created model (this will also create unwrap)
  • simplify created model to a specified number of triangles
  • rename simplified model
  • create unwrap for simplified model
  • reproject texture onto a simplified model (including creating normal and disaplacement maps)
  • select simplified model
  • export simplified model
  • save project

Delegation of commands into an open instance of RealityCapture

For more information on how to control the opened instances of RealityCapture via command line please check in-app help and search for "Delegation of commands".

Download [26 MB]

These scripts consists of following processing steps:

  • check the running instance of RealityCapture
  • load images into an open instance in batches
  • align individually-export components and XMP files
  • import components
  • calculate normal detail model, simplify, calculate texture
  • export model

Play custom sound after RealityCapture finishes the process

(just for fun)

Download [44 KB]