RealityCapture Is Faster Than You Expect

Create beautiful and accurate virtual reality scenes, textured 3D meshes and much more from images or laser scans automatically in just few minutes. Make in minutes what the others do days.

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GDC 2017


Meet us at the Game Developers Conference - the world’s largest professional game industry event – in San Francisco. read more

Sketchfab Upload Released


Now you can directly upload your model from RealityCapture to Sketchfab. read more

RealityCapture On STEAM Released!


RealityCapture is on Steam! We are excited to announce release of an exclusive version of our product for Steam. Don't miss -40% launch discount. read more

Meixner Imaging & RealityCapture


We are happy to announce that Meixner Imaging and its worldwide distribution network become our new distributor of RealityCapture. read more

Meet us at ISPRS 2016 in Prague


Meet us next week in Prague on ISPRS. We will be showcasing RealityCapture live, in virtual reality, make free trainings and more. See you there.

RealityCapture on STEAM


With the growing popularity of virtual reality, we have prepared an exclusive version of our product for Steam. Stay tuned! read more

RealityCapture CLI Winners


Thank you for your participation in our first competition. You made some really amazing creations. Check the winners: read more

GEO Business 2016


Thank you for visiting us at GEO Business 2016 in London.

CESCG Expo 2016


Meet us on Sunday at the occasion of 20th anniversary of this lovely computer graphics & vision seminar or attend our workshop there.

Win 6 RealityCapture CLI license


Challenge time! Present your RealityCapture project(s) in a 30 second video and win. read more

ISPRS 2016 in Prague


Meet us at International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing conference in Prague 12-19 July.

3D from 30,000 images and laser scans ?


Please check a new set of Tutorials and Showcase videos which demonstrate a power, speed and amazing possibilities which RealityCapture offers. No more thinking about whether to take 100 or 120 photos, take 500. Step forward!

RealityCapture available just for €99


Now you can have the most powerful photogrammetry tool for just €99! Check the product, download a full feature demo and see purchase plans and options.

GEO Business 2016


Visit us at GEO Business 2016 - geospatial exhibition and conference in London 24-25 May. Stop by at our booth K19.

GPU Technology Conference 2016


Capturing Reality is giving an invited talk at the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers. We will show some secrets of the massive parallelism on GPU. See you in Silicon Valley on 4-7 April.

RealityCapture is for Free


We are glad to announce that Reality Capture is available for everybody, completely free for commercial use until 31th of January 2016. Navigate to MY section, register and download.

Capturing Reality Forum


Visit us at Capturing Reality Forum - the 3D, laser scanning, and LiDAR technologies forum. We are preparing a surprise for you, so don't miss it.

RealityCapture Beta


Closed beta program is now running. Register and/or send an inquiry to join the program.

Type of Applications

RealityCapture is a general-purpose fully-featured photogrammetry application for creating virtual reality scenes, textured 3D meshes, orthographic projections and much more from images and/or laser scans completely automatically.

RealityCapture significantly outperforms all existing photogrammetry solutions in speed, accuracy and mesh quality.

This makes RealityCapture the software of choice for many different projects.

Image-based Modeling

Image-based Modeling

Create accurate and textured 3D models using images. Perfect for architecture visualizations, computer games and more.

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Mapping and Measuring

Mapping and Measuring

Create accurate georeferenced 3D maps, orthophoto projections and digital surface models. Measure volumes and distances.

Large-scale Projects

Large-scale Projects

Create city-scale 3D models, combine tens of thousands of images and laser scans. RealityCapture is the best choice for creating virtual reality content.

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Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

Combine laser scans and images to create accurate 3D reconstructions. Process thousands of objects quickly.

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Paintings Reconstruction

Paintings Reconstruction

Reconstruct paintings, stitch hundreds of images to produce a single accurate high resolution image.

Fullbody Scanning

Fullbody Scanning

3D human scanning for medicine and computer graphics. Create high resolution 3D models.

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About Us

Capturing Reality s.r.o. is committed to providing a state-of-the-art photogrammetry solution for everybody.

Whether you are a big company or an individual, our solution is perfectly optimized for you.

Our team builds on strong experiences gained during the past years of computer vision and computer graphics research and also on top of professional software development for masses.

Our researchers are well recognized in the computer vision community with an amount of publications, top journal and top conference papers and other recognized contributions.

Beyond the State-of-the-art

We have created CMPMVS, we understand the modern computer architectures, we understand math and geometry, we created the state-of-the-art and now we are pushing the envelope further!

Not forgetting to mention our “alma mater”, our credits go to:

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