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  • "In order to establish a photogrammetry workflow for our Unity user, we had tested lots of software to generate meshes from photogrammetry. We were immediatly amazed by speed and accuracy of the RealityCapture product. Ratio between production time and quality are important in production, thus why we decided to recommand the RealityCapture in our own process."

    Sébastien Lachambre - Senior Technical Artist of UNITY3D

  • "RealityCapture is incredibly fast! Generating the scans was a major bottleneck of our pipeline but RealityCapture speeds that up significantly. For that and many other reasons we chose to build a RealityCapture plugin for Houdini."

    Luiz Kruel, Senior technical artist at SideFX software

  • "We have had a lot of success with RealityCapture within the film industry, working on big volumes of data across shows such as Justice League, Black Panther, Ghost in the Shell, Ready Player One, Game of Thrones etc. The ability for RealityCapture to quickly process through extremely large data sets and to also merge photogrammetry data with LiDAR is an incredibly valuable tool within VFX.It has opened doors to capturing environments and subjects in ways not previously achievable before."

    Dominic Ridley - Director - Clear Angle Studios LTD / LLC / Inc

  • "Working with RealityCapture has made it possible for us to have a really fast workflow in photogrammetry and laser scanning, ensuring we can actually bring data-heavy immersive stories to people in the speed that our industry needs."

    Martin Edström – National Geographic Explorer, photographer and co-founder of IVAR

  • "RealityCapture's speed and accuracy make it incredibly easy for me to demonstrate the power and possibilites of 3D digitisation to international museums and cultural organisations. The simple to use workflow and export tools are making the transition from photography to photogrammetry quick and easy."

    Thomas Flynn - Cultural Heritage Lead & Community, Sketchfab

  • "I'd used photogrammetry software before but was unprepared for what RealityCapture is capable of. …Simply amazing!  I can only imagine what kind of results I'd be able to get with a laser scan and multiple cameras and better lighting!


    Todd Debreceni, prosthetic makeup artist/designer, author of the book "Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen" 

  • "Before RealityCapture was available, the processing of 3D models was complicated and it took ages to produce good results. With this software and basic photographic skills, all excavators manage to create their own georeferenced model for the next day! I am sure that, in the future, RealityCapture will be the standard 3D photogrammetry tool for many archaeologists."

    Max Haibt, Archeologist from Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

  • "Real world encapsulation of environments with all their imperfections and insurmountable detail have always been my personal holy grail. An ambitious task thought to be technically many years away. That was until discovering RealityCapture. The ingenious method of memory management in combination with extremely efficient and speedy CUDA-accelerated performance has allowed the impossible to become possible."

    Simon Che de Boer - Chief Visionary Officer / Founder - realityvirtual.co


2018 Steam Autumn Sale


Do not miss a chance to purchase RealityCapture on Steam at 40% discount! The offer is valid from 21st to 27th November.  read more

New RealityCapture Release


New exciting features are introduced in RealityCapture version See what we have prepared for you. read more

Capturing Reality at CHNT 2018


From 12 to 13 November 2018 you will have a chance to meet us in Vienna, Austria, where we will be attending the Visual Heritage Congress hosted by CHNT. read more



Meet us at the world’s largest trade fair and innovation platform for the GEOSPATIAL market, held from 16 to 18 October in Frankfurt, Germany. read more

KOBOLD - Immersive VR Horror Experience


AnotherWorld VR has used RealityCapture to create unique VR experience which was premiered at 75th Venice International Film Festival 2018. read more

Germany's last coal mine in VR


Realities.IO has used RealityCapture to preserve Germany's last active coal mine in VR. read more

RealityCapture and Another World Studios


Another World Studios is using RealityCapture to create human digital doubles, which can be used as digital replacement in VFX for film or television, in video games or VR applications. read more

UTAT and RealityCapture


Capturing Reality supported the University of Toronto Aerospace Team who was participating in the Unmanned Systems Canada competition. read more

RealityCapture in Spar3D


RealityCapture has been featured in SPAR3D.com - the leading source of information on 3D technology. read more

Capturing Reality is compliant with GDPR


Capturing Reality’s commitment to Data Privacy compliance! read more

RealityCapture and UAS survey


CNR Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering (IGAG) is using RealityCapture to obtain detailed 3D maps and 3D models for environmental and landscape research. read more

Winner of RC for Culture competition


Thank you for your participation in our RC for Culture competition. You made some really amazing 3D models and videos. Check the winners:  read more

Competition: RC for Culture


[ENDED] 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Take part in our competition and WIN a RealityCapture CLI license. read more

NEW RealityCapture PGM license


Introducing a new photogrammetry perpetual license. Perfect solution for purely photogrammetry projects. read more

Long-awaited RealityCapture Release


The biggest update of RealityCapture is out now! Many new features, new workflows and fixes. read more

Garden Party and RealityCapture


A team of 6 former students has created a short animated film, which has been now shortlisted for the Academy Awards in the category of Animated Short films. read more

Iconem and RealityCapture


Iconem saves endangered heritage thanks to RealityCapture. read more

botspot & RealityCapture


botspot - the world leader in photogrammetric 3D technology - is using RealityCapture to turn their scan data into 3D models at incredible speed whilst keeping the best quality possible. read more

Factum Foundation and RealityCapture


Factum Foundation used RealityCapture to create a facsimile of the tomb of Seti I which is now exhibited in Antikenmuseum in Basel, Switzerland. This is the first time since its rediscovery that the tomb can be seen as a complete exhibition.  read more

RealityCapture and Project JUA


AnotherWorld VR has used RealityCapture to create interactive VR experience where you can experience firsthand the challenges of living without electricity and discover how solar power is improving lives. read more

RiVR and RealityCapture


Reality in Virtual Reality (RiVR) has created immersive VR training for fire investigators, which will change the future of trainings.  read more

Capturing Reality at CHNT 2017


From 8 to 10 November 2017 you will have a chance to meet us in Vienna, Austria, where we will be attending the Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies. read more

TOM and RealityCapture


An award-winning filmmaker and brilliant choreographer, Wilkie Branson, is creating an integrated dance-for-camera installation, called TOM, with the help of RealityCapture. read more

Alex Guevara & RealityCapture


A talented artist Alex Guevara has created with RealityCapture a beautiful artwork presented during the White Night festival in Slovakia. read more

CyArk and RealityCapture


RealityCapture helps CyArk preserve cultural heritage for future generations. read more



Meet us at the world’s largest trade fair and innovation platform for the GEOSPATIAL market, held from 26 to 28 September in Berlin, Germany. read more

RealityCapture and Industrial Inspection


A Dutch company Ronik Inspectioneering B.V. reduces safety hazard and inspection time with use of drones and RealityCapture. read more

Figure Anatomy - App For Artists


RealityCapture helped Human Engine create excellent reference and learning app for artists. read more

ScanLounge and RealityCapture


A Dutch company Scanologics creates stunning full-body, full-color 3D printed figurines – with the help of RealityCapture. read more

RealityCapture and Harold Halibut


Harold Halibut is an adventure game where handmade assets come to life with the help of RealityCapture. read more

Old Customs House in Moji in VR


RealityCapture helped Avatta create amazing VR experience. read more

KabaQ - Food Ordering Revolution


RealityCapture helps KabaQ shape the future of food ordering. read more

Fabric Engine and RealityCapture


Fabric Engine has integrated RealityCapture into a production pipeline in order to push Virtual Reality into the next level. read more

RealityCapture in Ghost in the Shell


We are very proud to announce that RealityCapture helped with the creation of the Hollywood movie Ghost in the Shell. read more

GTC 2017


Come and meet us at the ultimate AI and GPU developer event – San Jose Convention Center, in the heart of Silicon Valley. read more

GDC 2017


Meet us at the Game Developers Conference - the world’s largest professional game industry event – in San Francisco. read more

Sketchfab Upload Released


Now you can directly upload your model from RealityCapture to Sketchfab. read more

RealityCapture On STEAM Released!


RealityCapture is on Steam! We are excited to announce release of an exclusive version of our product for Steam. Don't miss -40% launch discount. read more

Meixner Imaging & RealityCapture


We are happy to announce that Meixner Imaging and its worldwide distribution network become our new distributor of RealityCapture. read more

Meet us at ISPRS 2016 in Prague


Meet us next week in Prague on ISPRS. We will be showcasing RealityCapture live, in virtual reality, make free trainings and more. See you there.

RealityCapture on STEAM


With the growing popularity of virtual reality, we have prepared an exclusive version of our product for Steam. Stay tuned! read more

RealityCapture CLI Winners


Thank you for your participation in our first competition. You made some really amazing creations. Check the winners: read more

GEO Business 2016


Thank you for visiting us at GEO Business 2016 in London.

CESCG Expo 2016


Meet us on Sunday at the occasion of 20th anniversary of this lovely computer graphics & vision seminar or attend our workshop there.

Win 6 RealityCapture CLI license


Challenge time! Present your RealityCapture project(s) in a 30 second video and win. read more

ISPRS 2016 in Prague


Meet us at International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing conference in Prague 12-19 July.

3D from 30,000 images and laser scans ?


Please check a new set of Tutorials and Showcase videos which demonstrate a power, speed and amazing possibilities which RealityCapture offers. No more thinking about whether to take 100 or 120 photos, take 500. Step forward!

RealityCapture available just for €99


Now you can have the most powerful photogrammetry tool for just €99! Check the product, download a full feature demo and see purchase plans and options.

GEO Business 2016


Visit us at GEO Business 2016 - geospatial exhibition and conference in London 24-25 May. Stop by at our booth K19.

GPU Technology Conference 2016


Capturing Reality is giving an invited talk at the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers. We will show some secrets of the massive parallelism on GPU. See you in Silicon Valley on 4-7 April.

RealityCapture is for Free


We are glad to announce that Reality Capture is available for everybody, completely free for commercial use until 31th of January 2016. Navigate to MY section, register and download.

Capturing Reality Forum


Visit us at Capturing Reality Forum - the 3D, laser scanning, and LiDAR technologies forum. We are preparing a surprise for you, so don't miss it.

Industry Use Cases

Superior speed, model accuracy and mesh quality are making RealityCapture the ultimate choice for many industries and projects.

Surveying & Mapping

Surveying & Mapping

Measure areas, volumes and distances. Create orthophoto projections, accurate georeferenced 3D models and DSM, faster than ever before.

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Cultural Heritage & Architecture

Cultural Heritage & Architecture

Combine unlimited number of laser scans and images to create accurate 3D reconstructions, from minimalistic to large scenes.

read more

Game,VFX & VR/AR

Game,VFX & VR/AR

Cinematic experience achieved at staggering speed. Detailed, textured 3D models ready to export for content-creation and artistic tools.

read more

Fullbody Scanning & Printing

Fullbody Scanning & Printing

Get the most authentic digital double or 3D asset. Export ready for wide range of 3D printers.

read more

Research & Medicine

Research & Medicine

Find application in various research fields and avoid long waiting times to obtain accurate and reliable results.



The fastest prototyping on the market. Perfect for quality inspection right from the production line.

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Capturing Reality s.r.o. is committed to providing a state-of-the-art photogrammetry solution for everybody.

Whether you are a big company or an individual, our solution is perfectly optimized for you.

RealityCapture is the fastest photogrammetry solution among academic and commercial applications, already 5 years in a row.

Our strongly established team builds on extensive experiences gained during the past years of computer vision and computer graphics research, and also on top of professional software development for masses.

Our researchers are well recognized in the computer vision community with an amount of publications, top journal and top conference papers, and other recognized contributions.

Beyond the State-of-the-art

We have created CMPMVS, we understand the modern computer architectures, we understand math and geometry, we created the state-of-the-art and now we are pushing the envelope further!

Not forgetting to mention our “alma mater”, our credits go to:

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