Capturing Reality

It all has started with an idea. The idea that there must be a way to create better, faster and simpler photogrammetry solution.

However, it wasn’t something that happened overnight. The founders of the company saw the need for a high-performance solution that would make our lives easier since none of the at the time available solutions fulfilled their expectations.

Throughout their research years, they have created well-known open source libraries which people can use and develop further. With their technological leap, they left a footprint in the academia from which the future generations of researchers and developers can take their next steps.

Our mission is to bring great freedom to people’s work so that they can focus on what is important to them and let RealityCapture to do the rest.

Our aim is to revolutionize the way the photogrammetry software is used today. What we want to achieve is the change of the way how people perceive it and that everyone is able and wants to use it.

The community of users that has formed around RealityCapture can already create extraordinary things and they are one of the reasons that drive us to push the boundaries of RealityCapture further.

Beyond the State-of-the-art

Our strongly established team consists of professionals with extensive experience in computer graphics, parallel computing, computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition and, of course, photogrammetry.

Our researchers are well recognized in the community of computer vision with an amount of publications, top journal, and top conference papers, and other recognized contributions.

We have created CMPMVS, we understand modern computer architectures, we understand math and geometry, we created the state-of-the-art and now we are pushing the envelope further!

Not forgetting to mention our “alma mater”, our credits go to: