Release Notes

RealityCapture 1.4

Added Functionality

  • Added the ability to open any PPI project. An internet connection is required to open PPI projects created on another computer.

  • Added the option to “Save and unlock” PPI projects under the “Save” menu. This is required to be able to continue to work with existing PPI projects in RealityCapture 1.4 and beyond, where no separate PPI license of RealityCapture will be available. “Save as” will save and unlock the project without requiring further action on the user’s part.

  • Added the unlockPPIProject CLI command for saving and unlocking PPI  projects with the command line interface.

  • Added new Epic Online Services sign-in.

  • Added Epic Games account options to the Application Settings.

Removed Functionality

  • Removed the necessity to activate RealityCapture online or offline.

  • Removed hard expiration checks.

  • Removed PPI user interface.

  • Removed the License options from the Application Settings.

  • Removed the update mechanism and the Update button from the Application Settings.

  • Discontinued the following CLI commands activategetLicenseimportLicenseexportLicense. The commands will be ignored in existing CLI scripts and won’t fail.

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed an issue where non-georeferenced projects were not possible to upload to Nira.

  • Changed the wording of the notification that is displayed when version 2 depth maps are used with a graphics card with a CUDA compute capability of less than 6.1 to: "The depth map algorithm changed to Version 1. To use Version 2, a CUDA device with capability 6.1 or greater is required."

  • New EULA.


  • Imported components from previous RealityCapture versions created in PPI mode will not work. We recommend importing PPI components to RealityCapture 1.3.2 activated in PPI mode and continuing your work in RealityCapture 1.4 by saving and unlocking the project.


RealityCapture 1.4.1

Fixes and updates

  • Enhanced the E57 import to prevent errors.

  • Improved the locked prior camera pose to avoid any positional shifts.

  • Normal layer now visible in export dialog when it's the only computed layer.

  • Fixed random crashes related to Epic Online Services.

  • Minor Help updates.


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