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[..] "We reconstructed large sets of photographs; RealityCapture added the element of speed to its accuracy in processing the data. Other tools could be 10 times slower at times or not able to handle the quantity of data.“

Gabriel Munnich - Cooper Union Alumni

Tallensi settlements in 3D

Find out how RealityCapture has been used to represent Tallensi settlements and helped with the aspiring inscription of Tongo Hills on the Unesco World Heritage List.

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AR Journalism with RealityCapture

Journalism students from USC Annenberg have used RealityCapture to create an AR experience to tell the story of people with difficult living conditions.

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RealityCapture and MIT Pune

Team Acceleracers from MIT Pune have used RealityCapture to achieve detailed model of the engine of the prototype racing formula which they built. This helped them better understand the operation of the engine.

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UTAT and RealityCapture

Capturing Reality supported the University of Toronto Aerospace Team who was participating in the Unmanned Systems Canada competition.

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