The fastest method of creating 3D assets.
Ready to be 3D printed.

Photogrammetry in 3D printing

Photogrammetry is time saving, cost reducing method which helps to better communicate projects and lowers risks of future errors.

Replace manual modelling and speed up your creative workflow. It’s simple. Use your phone or DSLR, or drone and capture an object from every angle.


Easily edit and re-design the reality-captured models. Design missing component that will fit perfectly to object it was made for. Set of integrated post processing tool will help you to fine tune your model. Filter unwanted parts, smooth and simplify your mesh to achieve the best possible result.

Create authentic digital replicas

With RealityCapture you obtain clean detailed meshes with picture-perfect textures. Use photos to recreate from small 3D objects, large cathedrals, to whole cities. Imagine having your favourite objects in miniature size.

Keep your memories alive

Do you have some precious memories from your childhood, family heritage or vacation memory that you would like to preserve as a 3D model? Simply take pictures of the object, turn them into 3D model with RealityCapture and directly 3D print.