RealityCapture PPI

How Can I Use It In My Business

There are endless possibilities to how and in what business module the PPI can be utilize. No matter whether you are a big company or start-up, or whether you are using photogrammetry on daily basis or just occasionally, or what kind of input you are using. There is a solution for everyone.

Do you use photogrammetry only rarely?

You can download RealityCapture PPI to your computer for free and enjoy the fully-featured professional version of RealityCapture software forever. 

You simply pay only if you like the results and want to export it. 

Do you have peak seasons?

PPI is a perfect solution for seasonal peak jobs or contract based work.

Do you have busy periods where you could utilize more manpower, you, however, own only a certain amount of RealityCapture licenses? With PPI, you can utilize the entire team and computer power and deliver the job faster.

Are you a small starting business?

Are you a start-up? RealityCapture PPI is very affordable solution for start-ups (and not only) that work on a strict budget, yet want to introduce and work with the latest technology. No need for a permanent license if you are just introducing photogrammetry into your workflow and working on a tight budget.

Is photogrammetry your hobby?

Then capture what interests you, create 3D models and share it on Sketchfab or with your friends on Facebook. Who says that photogrammetry is an expensive hobby? Create your 3D model for the price of a lemonade.

Are you using laser scans only occasionally?

In case you are planning occasional laser-scanning jobs, then you can utilize PPI and pay just for the given project. All inputs are supported in PPI.

Also, if you already own a perpetual license, which supports all inputs but would like to add more speed to processing your data per specific project, just use PPI and pay on demand.

Do you need to deliver your results even faster?

With RealityCapture PPI you can distribute your work among as many computers as needed. Simply download software to each computer and run the processing on all of them. Without the need to purchase additional licenses. 

Do you have a tight budget?

Do you have a budget which does not cover the price of the perpetual license? Just purchase PPI credits and use them for as long as you want. The credits do not have any expiry date.

Do you have more RealityCapture users in your company?

If you have more users of RealityCapture in your company, you can purchase the credits on behalf of the company and distribute them among your employees. Add, move and merge the credits as you like to ensure that no cent invested in photogrammetry is wasted.

Are you a student or planning to teach photogrammetry?

Do you plan to teach a photogrammetry class? Are you preparing a photogrammetry workshop? With RealityCapture PPI, you can do it completely for free or for an unbeatably small price. All you need to do is to create a new account at our webpage for your class/lecture/term/workshop.

Once you buy licenses for all datasets you want to teach with, then you just need to distribute the licensed input among your students. One licensed dataset and you can teach the whole class. Then you can just simply download RealityCapture to every computer in class, completely for free. Each student can use the same licensed input. No matter whether you have a class of 5 or 50 students.

Furthermore, you can purchase credits in advance and distribute them among your students. Then stutends can capture their own data and use the credits for their assignments or graduate projects. 

Do you need to work completely offline?

If, for example, you are a studio that has to work strictly offline, without an Internet access, then the procurement can purchase a bundle of credits and distribute them among your teams. Simply, dedicate one PC which will be used for issuing of the license files for datasets. Once the license files for your input are generated, distribute them to the teams, who can then work on the data completely offline.