With RealityCapture

The Possibilities Are Endless

The unique features that RealityCapture has to offer, make it the software of choice in a wide range of industries.


Combine various inputs to get a visually consistent triangular 3D model. Achieve picture-perfect accuracy at amazing speed. 

Without limitations

Get the most of your pictures and do not limit yourself with the number of images. With RealityCapture, you can process 100,000 images on a single computer and achieve milimeter accuracy.

Automation & Integration

CLI: Command-line Interface

RealityCapture is equipped with a Command-line Interface (CLI) that allows you to fully automate all processes that you need. This way you can develop a one-button solution which will process each scan completely.


With our Pay-Per-Input licensing technology, you are not bounded to one computer. Simply, download RealityCapture to all your computers available and process your data on all of them. You do not pay for the software, just for the input and only when you are satisfied with the result. 

Education with RealityCapture

If you are planning to teach photogrammetry and would like to introduce RealityCapture to your classroom, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a price quote: sales@capturingreality.com