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Creating 3D models has never been easier, more accessible and fair-priced.

Download the software, add your inputs, and process the data.

License your inputs only if you like the result. Having all input licenses will enable export of what you've created.

Share, copy, re-process, and distribute the licensed inputs. All for free. 

Get an access to a professional version of RealityCapture with all the features that RealityCapture has to offer. For free.

What Does the PPI offer?

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Know What You Pay For

With the RealityCapture PPI licensing, you can process all your data completely for free. Once you add your inputs into the app, you know exactly how much credits you will spend. Hence, you can see what your are paying for and you know in advance exactly how much. Moreover, you pay for the same input just once. Meaning, if you would like to calculate the model in high detail or try different RealityCapture features, you can process your licensed input again and again, for free. 

See What You Pay For

With the standard licensing you pay for the software before you see the result, with PPI, however, you get the software completely for free. You can also process your data until you are satisfied and want to export it. Once you are ready to export, the app will check how many of your inputs, e.g. images, are licensed. To enable export, you will be asked to pay for the missing licenses. Furthermore, privacy of your data is the highest priority. In order to secure the privacy of your data, your images are never transferred to any servers. Only the finger print of your data is transferred which contains just ~50 characters and is used to give each images you license its unique signature.

Own What You Pay For

With RealityCapture PPI, you do not license the result but the input. That means that you own what you pay for. Once you license your input, images, or laser scans, you own them. After that you can re-process it as many times as you want, distribute, transfer, and copy them all for free. Further, you can process your licensed input on any other computer.

How Can I Use It In My Business?


How Much Is PPI Credit?

1 PPI credit = 4 Mpx


1 PPI credit = 166,600 laser scan points


Cost of 1 Mpx= 0.25 of euro cent ( € 0.0025)

You can purchase the CREDIT in following bulks:

- 10,000 PPI credits equals to 40,000 Mpx or 1,666M scan points

- 5,000 PPI credits equals to 20,000 Mpx or 833M scan points

- 2,000 PPI credits equals to 8,000 Mpx or 333M scan points

10,000 PPI credits
= 40,000 Mpx ,
you can license:
5,000 PPI credits
= 20,000 Mpx ,
you can license:
2,000 PPI credits
= 8,000 Mpx ,
you can license:
3,333 (12-Mpx) images, or 1,660 (12-Mpx) images, or 666 (12-Mpx) images, or
2,000 (20-Mpx) images, or 1,000 (20-Mpx) images, or 400 (20-Mpx) images, or
1,666 (24-Mpx) images, or 833 (24-Mpx) images, or 333 (24-Mpx) images, or
37 (44-Mlp*) scans, or 18 (44-Mlp*) scans, or 7 (44-Mlp*) scans, or
23 (72-Mlp*) scans 11 (72-Mlp*) scans 4 (72-Mlp*) scans
or equivalent Mpx count or equivalent Mpx count or equivalent Mpx count

*Mlp stands for millions of laser-scanned points. For example one BLK360 scan can contain up to 72-Mlp

TIP: How can I lower the cost of my model?

If you're not focused on the detail, but rather visual experience of the model, we recommend to downscale your images via any easily accessible free tools (even online). This will lower the cost of your licenses.