Download the software, add your inputs, and process the data.

License your inputs when you like the result and export your creation.

Share, copy, re-process, and distribute the licensed inputs.

New pricing ahead: Starting in late April, RealityCapture will be free for students, educators, hobbyists, and companies making under $1 million USD in annual revenue. Subscription seats will be available for $1,250/year for companies over that threshold. We will no longer be offering a Pay-Per-Input (PPI) pricing model or perpetual licenses; existing customers with unused PPI credits can utilize them for 12 months.

You will be able to open and continue working with your existing PPI projects using RealityCapture 1.4, provided you have internet access.

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PPI Cost Calculator

Total Cost $ ( PPI Credits)*

* price was calculated based on a $20 price of an 8000 PPI package

Download one of our Licensed Sample Datasets and Try It Completely for Free!

Know What You Pay For

With the RealityCapture PPI licensing, you can first process all your data without being charged. When you import your inputs, you know how many credits you will exactly need to license them. In addition, the same inputs have to be licensed just once. If you want to calculate a model in greater detail or try different settings and features, you can use the same licensed inputs repeatedly for no further cost. 

See What You Pay For

Unlike standard licensing models where you must purchase the software upfront to access and utilize its features, with PPI licensing you can process your data without any initial payment. When you're ready to export and save your results, PPI credits come into play. You will have to use them to license your inputs and the amount needed is determined based on the quantity and size of your inputs.

Data privacy is our utmost priority. Your images and inputs remain securely on your devices and are never transferred to any servers. Instead, only the fingerprint of your data,  containing just ~50 characters, is transferred and used to give each input you license its unique signature.

Own What You Pay For

With RealityCapture PPI, you do not license the results but the inputs. That means that you own what you pay for. Once you license your inputs, images, or laser scans, you own those licenses. After that, you can re-use the licensed inputs as many times as you want, distribute, transfer, and copy them. Further, you can process your licensed inputs on any other computer.