Photogrammetry in Vfx

RealityCapture Webinar with Timothy Hanson

In this webinar you will learn from VFX supervisor, Timothy Hanson, why and how to use RealityCapture software and will receive useful tips on how to capture images for photogrammetry.

"Let's say that you have to have an accurate recreation, a 1:1 representation of a structure or an asset. [...] So, traditionally, what you would do is you would bring in a modeler and then a texture artist.[..] let's think about the time and money that it would take to do that. So say bring in a modeler and you have him or her, you know, model for say 2 weeks, roughly 10 man-days to make this model, and then, once that model is done, you gotta bring in a texture artist to finish the asset. So, all in, for this variable asset you need 20 man-days, basically a month's time, and then, if you break that out into dollars and what the cost that would be, say in Los Angeles, the typical freelancer's rate would be $500, for the day, and so then you multiply that by 20 days, you're looking at about 10 grand for this, this one asset. Which is, you know, it's not crazy, that's within the ballpark of a typical asset on a project from film or television show or a game asset. But let's look at the time. It took 20 man-days in $10,000. Now, the architectural structure that I'll show you today that I used for a project that I had about 3-4 months ago took me 4 days. And it is a 1:1 photo-accurate-down-to-the-gum-on-the floor recreation of this location." Timothy Hanson, VFX Supervisor and founder of a

    Topics covered:
  • why to use photogrammetry software RealityCapture
  • 5 tips on capturing the imaginary for photogrammetry
  • demonstration of data processing with RealityCapture

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