New Release

RealityCapture 1.2 Tarasque released!

This new software release aims for field working professionals requiring the highest precision and speed. We have introduced many new exciting features as well as an improved easy to navigate ribbon. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Projects created and/or saved in this version cannot be opened in the previous versions of RealityCapture.


  • Calculation of volume and area for arbitrary shapes.
  • Users can now create custom height profiles.
  • Contour lines computation and export.
  • BETA: Orthomosaic rendering method along with advanced mosaic editing tools.

Selected new features:

  • Faster depth-maps calculation (even 2x+)
  • BETA: Now possible to detect misaligned cameras within Inspect tool.
  • Now possible to create and export cross sections of the models.
  • Ribbon improvements and color cursors auto-detection for more intuitive and smoother user experience.
  • View context tabs now always visible and extended with selection of view options and tools.
  • One-export dialog grouping all export options, most recently used option and search function.
  • Export and sharing options added to the main menu.
  • Camera uncertainty ellipses now visible in map view for each camera.
  • Relative camera position uncertainties now visible in 1Ds for each camera.
  • Now possible to freeze simplification of the model edges.
  • Added option to choose texture format and layer for Level Of Detail (LOD) model export.
  • Several optimizations to LOD export (e.g. size and hierarchy of the exported LOD models).
  • Now possible to filter images displayed in 2Ds view - you can drag and drop selections, add, subtract or intersect them or press delete to hide them from 2Ds view.
  • Added option to frame images/cameras in the map view.
  • Items can be deselected by right-click of the mouse.
  • Minimized texture dimensions after fixed and adaptive texel size unwrap.
  • Automatic markers detection supported for grayscale inputs.
  • Updated database of coordinate systems.
  • Now possible to enable slope shading on DTM and DSM.
  • Multiple security improvements when running Real-time Assistant.
  • Improved results when using Correct Colors tool.

Command Line Interface:

  • Added new CLI commands (setGroundPlaneFromReconstructionRegion, exportCrossSections, renameCrossSections, selectCrossSections, computeContours, exportContours, renameContours, selectContours, exportShapes, importShapesToSelectedOrtho, importShapesToOrtho, selectShape, addShapeToSelection).
  • Introduced new key "allowReadOnly" for set command for enabling opening project multiple times.

Selected fixes:

  • Selected component now saved with the project.
  • Map view ordering buttons are greyed out when irrelevant.
  • Hot selections are now shown in 1Ds when selecting in other view.
  • ESC key cancels tools in 2D.
  • Changing of the layout keeps focus of view and ribbon.
  • Fixed crashes of LOD models export.
  • Fixed crashes on Cesium Ion upload.
  • Fixed flipped UVs and rendering issues after importing a large model.
  • Fixed incompatibility of exported non-georeferenced models with Cesium Ion.
  • Fixed incorrectly exported depths and masks.
  • Fixed importing UV indices from FBX file format.
  • CLI command exportDepthAndMask now respecting xml parameters file.
  • Fixed incorrect export into FBX with special characters in the path.
  • Autosaving project now enabled by default.
  • Fixed export of ortho-projection into .exr file format.
  • Fixed UI artifacts for higher resolution screens.

Minor fixes:

  • Fixed incorrectly displayed texts in the exported reports.
  • Several fixes to the behavior of silent commands - all unwanted dialogs now should be suppressed.
  • Minor fixes in the application Help.
  • Progress report now shows Resume when Paused.
  • Selected model now deselected by selecting another component.
  • Fixed vertex color artifacts after simplification.
  • Fixed simplify command not respecting current settings for reprojection.