Floating Licenses

A RealityCapture floating license requires permanent Internet access on all computers in the network and it may be installed on an unlimited number of machines/nodes.

The floating license can be run and used only at one machine at the time, allowing sharing the capabilities of RealityCapture within the entire organization. If you have 2 and more floating licenses purchased, you may float them in parallel.

If a floating license is in use, its user cannot activate it on another computer, until it is released.

Floating licenses can be installed and used also on a virtual machine.

You will release the license from one computer by closing the RealityCapture application and can then activate it on another computer.

You can activate the floating feature by marking the checkbox “ Enable the floating licensing” in your MY Account. This can be performed even during the Active period, although the change to Float will be effective only once the activation period ends.

If you wish to switch from the floating to a standard license, you can deactivate it by marking the checkbox “ Disable the floating licensing” in your MY Account.

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