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Create Assets for Your Game/Movie

Cinematic experience achieved at staggering speed. Create detailed, textured 3D models ready to export for content-creation and artistic tools. Decimate, export, retopologize, import, and texture easily and fast.

"We have had a lot of success with RealityCapture within the film industry, working on big volumes of data across shows such as Justice League, Black Panther, Ghost in the Shell, Ready Player One, Game of Thrones etc. The ability for RealityCapture to quickly process through extremely large data sets and to also merge photogrammetry data with LiDAR is an incredibly valuable tool within VFX.It has opened doors to capturing environments and subjects in ways not previously achievable before."
Dominic Ridley - Director - Clear Angle Studios LTD / LLC / Inc


RealityCapture is faster than you expect. You can have hundreds of images aligned literally within minutes. We do recommend to align directly in the field during capturing.

Analyze right in the field and get to what you need efficiently. Our alignment re-uses already computed data so adding new images to a project and aligning them will be super-fast:

  • Take pictures and add them to a project,
  • Choose draft alignment,
  • Verify the result,
  • Repeat steps 1-3 until the desired result is achieved.


With RealityCapture you can use an Inspect Tool. You cannot find it anywhere else. And if you do, then they just follow in our footsteps. The tool can be found in the ALIGNMENT tab of the main ribbon under the Tools panel. Inspection is especially useful if you align data directly in the field and see whether you have sufficient amount of data.

You can use the tool to:

  • Find uncovered parts
  • Find parts with weak overlap
  • Search for problems in alignment

To learn more about this tool see our application's HELP.


Reconstructing models with RealityCapture is easy and fast. You can have a model reconstructed from hundreds of images in 20 minutes on an ordinary computer. RealityCapture offers also many other unique features:

  • Out-of-core processing: You can compute meshes of unlimited size on a 16GB-RAM computer.
  • Visibility-consistent models: What is visible in multiple images is reconstructed. You do not need masking at all. Also "occluders", like moving people, cars etc, are not reconstructed until you have enough images. You will need to filter your models just rarely.
  • Speed and accuracy: You will be amazed by the speed and accuracy. In our algorithms every pixel counts!

Assets creation

You can use different tools to deliver the final asset for your game. The typical workflow is:

  • Filter: Filter all unwanted parts.
  • Simplify: Decimate the model to whichever size you need.
  • Export: Export the model to any file format of your preference: obj, fbx, ply, abc, etc.
  • Retopologize: Post-process the exported model to meet your criteria.
  • Import: Import your post-processed model back to RealityCapture.
  • Texture: Bake a texture, a normal map or a displacement map to your model.
  • Export: Get your final asset.