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Full-body Scanning with RealityCapture

Get the most authentic digital double or 3D asset. Set a coordinate system, compute a model, decimate, texture, export all in one automated process using RealityCapture CLI.

"[...]Super fast and ultra detailed, RealityCapture is the critical software breakthrough that has been needed to take things to the next level.”
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Scale and Coordinate System Preservation

There are different ways how to preserve coordinate system across different scans with RealityCapture. It all depends on your camera setup.

XMP: Fixed-camera setup

If you are sure that your camera setup is fixed, then you can use pre-calibration with XMP files. By fixed we mean that your supporting structure is so strong that each camera position and orientation will remain stable (+-0.01mm and +-0.01 degrees) across different scans. Furthermore, your internal camera parameters will remain fixed, as well (no autofocus, no image stabilization, etc.). If you are not absolutely sure about the precision, you can still use XMP files set to draft mode and RealityCapture will fine tune camera poses and calibration.

Flight log: Bending-camera setup

If your camera position and orientation remain almost stable, then you can use the so-called "flight-log workflow". You can align each scan separately, import a flight log file with camera positions and update the created component. It will just compute a rigid transformation (translation, rotation, scale) so that the original alignment fits best the pre-defined positions imported from the flight-log file. With this workflow, you do not need to place markers into your scene.

Markers: Bending-camera setup

You can also use the well-known way of coordinate system preservation, which is placing radial or any other type of markers into the scene. RealityCapture offers the possibility to generate the coded markers and detect them automatically with a Detect Markers Tool. Using this tool significantly reduces time of points' identification and helps you get correct alignment in couple of minutes.

Basic workflow

The following video drives you through the creation process of a digital double using RealityCapture.


You can achieve any type of automation with RealityCapture. It does not matter whether you are processing your data on a cloud or locally. There is always a solution for you.

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