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RealityCapture now supports upload to Cesium ion

RealityCapture, photogrammetry software from Capturing Reality, has announced in their latest release support for exporting to 3D Tiles format and uploading to Cesium ion; a robust, scalable, and secure platform for 3D geospatial data.

"The combination of Reality Capture's photogrammetry and Cesium ion's 3D tiling is a compelling end-to-end workflow—from photos to web-based visualization in a geospatial context—that helps make 3D data more accessible and interoperable." - Patrick Cozzi, CEO, Cesium

What does it mean for the users?

RealityCapture software produces highly detailed 3D models which often results in models consisting of millions of polygons. Hardware limitations mostly do not allow to view such large models. Indeed, these models can be simplified to less triangles in order to run smoothly in 3D viewing platforms, but then the detail is lost. However, this is not necessary with Cesium. When you export your model to Cesium ion it gets tiled into the 3D Tiles format. This makes sharing highly complex models over the web as easy as sharing a link. Even multi-gigabyte models can be shared on the web without losing detail since 3D Tiles makes it possible to stream in only the data needed for any given view.

“You can easily share even your largest model and view every small detail your model has. We believe that this new feature opens a new door on how people can share and view their models.“ Michal Jancosek, CEO, Capturing reality

How to upload to Cesium ion?

It is simple. Once the 3D model is created and you wish to share your creation, just click on the Share button in the workflow tab in RealityCapture. Add name, description and click Upload. The model will be automatically uploaded to the platform. In order to be able to use Cesium platform, you need to create an account which is free.

When the model starts uploading on the Cesium ion platform it will open in a default browser.

By using Cesium ion, users have access to their curated 3D content. These can be combined with your own 3D models, and thus, provide more context or see it on a 3D world map.

About Cesium

Cesium makes the world’s ever-growing collection of real-world 3D data more useful and accessible by enabling the creation of applications that visualize, analyze, and share this data – all from your favorite browser. Cesium is a complete platform for managing the entirety of the 3D mapping ecosystem – everything from optimization to visualization to analytics.

Rooted in the aerospace industry, Cesium was built to track satellites orbiting the Earth with sub-millimeter accuracy. Cesium continues to aggressively develop and enhance the platform for a range of customers in government agencies, startups and Fortune 500® companies alike. Learn more at

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