CR hub: 3D survey for inspection of historical site by Panorama

PANORAMA is an interfaculty platform for virtual 3D imagery launched by three laboratories of the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium : CReA-Patrimoine (Archaeology lab), AlICe (Architecture lab) and LISA (Laboratory specialized in imagery of the Brussels School of Engineering).

The platform was built on fifteen years of joint projects experience of and progressive integration of skills. It has a multidisciplinary team in the archaeological field, world heritage, architecture, image engineering and computer engineering. PANORAMA has equipment that make it autonomous in its spheres of competence. Panorama develops also its photogrammetric expertise through workshops, training courses for students or professionals (architecture, topologist, archaeologists, museum, etc...) and research projects.

About project

The purpose of the project was to acquire a maximum of spatial data of the 3thrd Cistercian abbey (1198 - France) studied by Professor François Blary (CREA-Patrimoine) to concatenate those data into one complete model to study the architecture and understand the different chronological layers.

The goal of the project

"The first goal was to test our acquisition methodology with the Faro S-350 3D scan. We decided to make terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry to obtain a better texture. After reconstruction in high detail by parts, we generated orthophotos for archaeological publications and converted the survey into a dense point cloud working under a modified Potree viewer. The acquisition and calculation were the first steps to produce different research in 3D classification, automation and acquisition methodology."

"We first used Reality Capture 4 years ago to digitalize a part of our university cast collection with a very high mesh precision and texture quality (presented at CHNT 2018). When Preuilly scanning project started, it was our first choice to merge different kind of acquisitions: 3D scans with terrestrial and aerial photography. The Promo Version let us reconstruct the different parts and the CLI version permit to merge all the parts into one final project. "

“For us, Reality Capture is an everyday tool helping us to work faster and more efficiently on all of our projects.”