Win 6x RealityCapture CLI license!

Challenge time - present your RealityCapture project(s)!

Win 6x RealityCapture CLI - three videos with the most views* and three videos with the most likes* are going to get a 6-month CLI license and will be showcased on our official website, social networks, YouTube channel and selected expositions.

RealityCapture CLI is a fully-featured application where you can create beautiful and accurate 3D models from images or laser-scans automatically in just few minutes. The CLI version, is our highest version of RealityCapture, which also includes the support for command-line/batch processing. Read more here.

This is a sample 30-second video

The video can, of course, contain your name, logos and you can use other software to post-process, render or modify the data.

The videos must:

  • visibly include RealityCapture program or name
  • contain company name (Capturing Reality) and its logo
  • be 30-second or shorter
  • not include any content made in other photogrammetry software
  • be uploaded on your YouTube* channel and posted to our official Facebook group or Contact Form

*Chinese users may upload their creations on Youku (instead of YouTube), since YouTube is blocked in their country.

(downloadable logo here - dark, white, blue, black)

Deadline: 31 May 2016, 23:59 UTC+1:00

(*at least 100 views / likes counted on Youtube)