We are glad to announce the biggest update of RealityCapture yet. Users can look forward to not only improved features but also brand-new ones, which make the RealityCapture even more user friendly and makes working with the software truly pleasant experience.

Key Release Features

New Control Points experience: Add control points in fraction of time! Confirm suggested measurements in seconds and incomparably speed up your workflow. Moreover, measurement options such as volume and surface have been added as well as new workflow for adding control points have been implemented. Now it significantly reduces time to geo-reference the project.

New map view experience: Now you can see physical location of your creation! You can see the positions of your GCPs and camera priors in the map even before alignment. You can drag and drop orthographic projections directly to the map view.

New and improved Selection tools: Make your selection faster and more conveniently than ever before. We have added Lasso tool! Easily select only part of the model, create reconstruction region from selection, use Smoothing, Simplify and Filtering tools on selected part of the model. Create orthographic projections directly from selection.

...and many more!