Processing without limitations

Process Lasers & Images Automatically

The first ever automatic solution for laser scans and images

When we released this solution in 2015, RealityCapture was the only software on the market capable of automatic laser-scan registration and processing together with images in one step. Still, with our solution you can get the amazing detail in a fraction of time.

The best from both worlds

RealityCapture produces complete, seamless and accurate models that contain the best from your input data.

By combining laser scans and images you can get amazingly detailed and accurate geometry from laser scans and also amazingly detailed and realistic textures from photos.

RealityCapture uses the best from both worlds (laser scans and images) in order to deliver the most accurate results.

Mixing it all together

"Are the laser scans and images reconstructed separately, and then just merged together"? No, they are not. Our advanced proprietary algorithms allow simultaneous registration of all inputs in one step - terrestrial laser scans - ground level photos - drone imagery. This allows creation of seamless point clouds, 3D meshes and ortho projection with the superior accuracy and detail.

Not just mixing 2 point clouds but fully involving all inputs in camera and laser scan pose estimation.

Visibility-consistent models

Since RealityCapture combines both laser scans and images in the alignment step, you are able to create seamless and consistent mesh. The resulting mesh is simply the best what you can get from laser and photogrammetry. It is metrologically correct, since RealityCapture does not average laser samples and photogrammetry simply fill holes to add detail where the laser scans are sparse.


RealityCapture enables you to combine terrestrial laser scans with photographs in all possible ways.

  • Fully automatic coloring/texturing, and meshing of images and laser scans
  • Just laser-scan meshing
  • Just laser-scan alignment and meshing
  • Laser-scan and image meshing
  • Application of colour just from images to meshing of just laser scans
  • Application of colour just from images to meshing of just images and laser scans

RealityCapture can handle big data easily.

This technology video demonstrates the power of our solution. It shows a detailed 3D reconstruction of a historical building and its close surroundings created automatically using almost 30 thousand images and 150 laser scans. (With courtesy of 727 Studios)