Winners of #RCdragons competition

We would like to thank everyone who decided to participate in our #RCdragons competition. It was great to virtually travel the world with you and see all kinds of dragons across the globe.

All entries are really amazing and it was a very hard decision for judges to choose the winners.

That is also the reason why we have decided to add three more categories:

- the CEO Choice Award

- the Special High Contributor Award

- the Cuteness Award

and the winners in these categories have received a small gratitude price from Capturing Reality.

Visit our Sketchfab profile or our Forum to see the collection of all entries.

Winners of #RCdragons competition:

1st place in 3D entries: Thai Dragon King Of Naga #RC by Agon Rodriguez

1st place in fly-trough videos: St. George kills the Dragon (Zagreb, Croatia) by Nino Skupnjak

2nd place in 3D entries: Zmajski most – the Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana by Andrej Boleslavsky

2nd place in fly-trough videos: Linteau asian art by SDRN SDRN

3rd place in 3D entries: Dragon pillars (Long Zhu) by Serm

3rd place in fly-trough videos: Musee du Louvre - statue by Paul-Ambroise Slodtz by Benoit Rogez

Special Awards:

CEO Choice Award: The Dundee Dragon by David Vacas

Special High Contributor Award: Forgotten Dragon from Krakow by Marcin Dabrowski & Nano Games

Cuteness Award: Little Dragon by Frank Zwick