Release Notes

RealityCapture Tarasque


  • Console view extended with command line

  • Create command sequences and add them to the app ribbon

  • Export to Sketchfab at no additional cost using PPI license 

    • (limitation 300k polygons and 1 x 4k texture)

  • CLI license floating token is the same for all floating licenses

  • Build expiry date extended to 5 years

  • Support for colmap scenes

  • Refactored UDIM export

Selected new features:

  • New smoothing style that works on peaks

  • New simplifying options

  • Faster depth-map calculation during the Preview Model reconstruction

  • Export material information when exporting FBX models

  • Upload to Cesium ion through Map Wizard

  • Added relative alignment precision options

  • Bright background option

  • Automatic brightness and contrast enhancement in 2D view

  • Sort control points

  • Select (non)registered images

  • The Display contours option in the app ribbon

  • Show component information in the 2D view

  • Component name as a suffix for control points imported with a component

  • License does not have to be allocated for a certain period of time

  • Standard license activation can be deactivated in the application settings

  • Several changes in reports

  • Signed reports are exported for free

New CLI commands:

  • Progress redirected to Command Prompt with printProgress

  • Export selected components with two new commands: exportSelectedComponentDir, exportSelectedComponentFile

  • Detect features with the command detectFeatures

  • Export snapshots with the command exportSelectedCamerasSnapshots

  • Print report lines into Command Prompt with printReport

  • Delete control points, control point measurements, and distance constraints

  • Set the image layer to an image or to multiple images with setImageLayer or setImagesLayer

  • Remove the image layer with removeImageLayer

  • Various editing options for selections

Selected fixes:

  • Map Wizard refractor

  • Exported FBX files now have smoothing groups defined

  • Cesium 3D Tiles export changed to allow disabling GZip compression and triangle strip generation for improved viewer compatibility

  • Texture names specify UDIM tile number last

  • Models uploaded to Sketchfab are unlit
    Added option to disable density equalization for simplifying

Minor fixes:

  • Fixed artifacts in texturing from images with masks

  • Several Depth-Map calculation fixes
    Several cut-by-box fixes

  • Several RCNode fixes

  • Several small fixes in CLI

  • Several SharpnessMap fixes 

  • Several Import/Export fixes


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