Release Notes


Selected fixes:


  • Fixed black borders in the inner region undistorted image export
  • Fixed image priors not being saved in a project when using "addImageWithCalibration" CLI command
  • Fixed the "lockposeforcontinue" command now working in CLI


  • Fixed CUDA error for using older GPUs (added automatic fallback from v2 to v1 depth map library)
  • Fixed meshing error for alignment with division distortion model


  • Fixed issue where images disabled for texturing were used in texturing


  • Fixed slow loading times of projects with large images (images over 100 Mpx)
  • Fixed smoothing suboptimal threading strategy (increased smoothing tool processing speed)
  • Fixed empty pixel format in export image settings
  • Fixed exported FBX and ABC wrong camera naming, transforms, and sensor size
  • Fixed operation failed error when pressing cancel from the export dialog window
  • Fixed wrong camera positions in some cases in Nira
  • Fixed an issue where only a selection of cameras were uploaded to Nira
  • Fixed script error in Help on pages with embedded videos
  • Fixed script error when exporting reports in the German language


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