RealityCapture maintenance program is included in every RealityCapture license. In case of perpetual licenses the first year of the program is free, in subsequent years it is subject to a fee.
Within the 1st year, you shall make a decision on whether you wish to continue with Maintenance program.
Purchase has to be processed prior to expiration of the existing Maintenance period.

What is included in Maintenance Program?

  • all new features
  • online license floating
  • up to 5 PC swaps /per year
  • full technical support

Maintenance program does not include:

  • product training
  • expert consultation

Price: 25% of the current license price/ per year

No Maintenance Program:

If you do not purchase maintenance program after the 1st year, You can use the software further with no restrictions, however you will not be eligible for new software features offered in version releases after the date of your maintenance expiration and you loose the access to full technical support etc.

You will still be eligible for all Bug fixes.

Furthermore, once you decide not to continue with Maintenance Program, you will not be allowed to purchase it in the future and Capturing Reality may decide to charge you the full license price, if you desire new software updates.


License user is notified about the upcoming expiration of the maintenance program within the RealityCapture application using the standardized notifications and via direct mailing in sufficient period prior to maintenance expiration date.

Proceed to purchase of Maintenance program