New RealityCapture v. Release

Animation tool

Create custom fly-through videos directly in RealityCapture. Define and edit your own path, re-play your animation and export a video.

Video import

Use a video as an input and never miss a spot again. Simply record a video and define your own framing.

Texture projections

Project texture from a high- to a low-resolution model to gain sharp details, normal and displacement maps created from a high-resolution mesh.

Selected new features:

  • Now you can place CPs with measurement suggestions via ortho-projection.
  • Now you can drag and drop CP from ortho-projection to an image.
  • Suggested measurements are now displayed in 2D/3D view with different marker.
  • Added support to disable animated fading in the Application settings - Animated UI (e.g. for faster remote desktop experience).
  • Added space dividers to property panel for rendering big numbers (e.g. 100000 will be displayed as 100 000).
  • Added new "simplifyEx" CLI command for simplification using loaded settings.
  • Cameras with imported coordinates from flight-log now displayed in map view.
  • Altitude below sea level now correctly loaded from EXIF.
  • Placing color cursors via 3D now working for CP measurements and suggested measurements.

And many other fixes.

For full feature list visit Forum.